Posted On: September 24, 2009

Line Try is  from Oslo, Norway. She recieved her design degree in Paris, France. Line has traveled around the world and lived in different countries and considers herself a citizen of the world.

Line is currently working as a designer, stylist and production designer and with instilations. Line  also does paintings on commision and is currently working on a new instalation.

For most parts Line Try has been doing production design for commercials, but also fiction, she loves to create believable universes that help communicate the story.

Line has been working with all aspects in the art department and started as a property master and as a decorator, painting sets, where she learned  about giving that  little extra that makes all the difference, but after 8 years it became evident she had the experience and ability needed to do her own production design.

Line has been working as  a  Production designer for the last 9 years.

Line has been fortunate enough to work for some of the biggest brands in Norway with the top producers and directors, as well as international brands such as Folgers Coffee in the Us and  L`Oreal Paris in Europe.

Mail: ltry@online.no
Phone: +47 928 22 097