Feature Films

Posted On: October 10, 2009

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This is the stills from the second Feature film Line Try did Production Design on, the best compliment Line Try can get is when people think what she created is real. This happened when the stills photographer, who’s speciality is to take photos of  homes in remote places in Norway, thought that the sets in the old Ladies flat was real, the set was painted and dressed for the film. These pictures was part of an exhibition in the Norwegian Film Institute with his pictures from the film

Ingenting from Line Try on Vimeo.

This was the first featurefilm Line Try did production design on. anyway this was a very supstential Production design, we dressed an emtie mantion up from scratch the exterior patio and garden, four living rooms, parents bedroom, boys bedroom a hallway, one cabine whith living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms, and the exterior of the cabin, we also dressed a huge greenary. We had a no budget and we managed to borrow all the props.This is an example of the art departments effort often get cut out in the edit. Unfortunately this got turned into a short film whith barely any of her production design, it ended up as an exterior film, so this is the most extreem in her carreer, Line Try has a proffesional approitch to this matter and calls it the story of her life, with a big smile on her face.